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Watermans gold pencil dating

Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts. ITEM #3366R: WATERMAN'S RED/BLACK HARD RUBBER #52 WITH WATERMAN'S MADE ADD-ON CLIP. Another one of those good old flexible Waterman #2s. Lever filling with "18K FILLED" printed on top of clip, dating this piece to earlier production. The dome on the cap is perfectly smooth and round, with no hammering around the circumference. This piece is 10 1/2" long and uses the spiral channel to propel the nib/feed assembly in and out, just like the old Watermans did. The inlay is often corroded away at the nib, but not on this example. It causes no detectable surface irreguarity (i.e., you can see the crack if you look closely, but you can't feel it). There is a rubber conical seal/seat built into the front of the convertor. ITEM #4163d: WATERMAN'S TAPERITE IN NEAR MINT CONDITION WITH FACTORY PRICE STICKER. I've left it intact because of the date placement this provides. A few small patches of plating loss on the end glove of the pen, otherwise as new. 1929 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: needlepoint firm • 00 Click here for more images 11255: Waterman Patrician: oversize black hard rubber lever-filler, 13.75 cm long, gold filled trim, emblem version with extra-wide solid cap band with enameled Lions badge -- a very rare pen, but heavily restored: cap lip has been replaced, sealed crack above clip, lever box is from a Hundred Year Pen, barrel imprint nearly completely worn away. 1929 • CONDITION: G* • NIB: fine firm • 5 Click here for more images 10048: Waterman 52V Persian pencil: uncommon and desirable material, 11.1 cm long, gold filled trim, good imprint, name on barrel, a small gouge to edge of cap crown (see details); uses 1.1 mm lead. 1930 • CONDITION: VG-fine • Click here for more images 12033: Waterman pencil: tan veined grey pearl "Steel Quartz", 12.5 cm long, chrome plated trim; strong imprints, scrape to top back of cap, uses 1.1 mm lead, matches 3 fountain pen. 1932 • CONDITION: fine* • Click here for more images 12035: Waterman pencil: tan veined grey pearl "Steel Quartz", 10.6.5 cm long, gold filled trim, uses 1.1 mm lead, matches 92V fountain pen. 1932 • CONDITION: exc • Click here for more images 9338: Waterman 92 pencil: red and gold, 12.7 cm long, gold filled trim, uses 1.1 mm lead, bold imprints, beautiful color -- a scarce and desirable material. 1933 • CONDITION: exc-near mint • 5 Click here for more images 11646: Waterman desk pencil: green pearl, 20.2 cm long, gold filled trim, barrel 10.6 mm in diameter (same size as Patrician pencils), uses 1.1 mm lead, mechanism propels and retracts; new old stock, minimal shop wear, splotches on nose cone are due to flaking clear lacquer originally applied as a protective coat. 1935 • CONDITION: near mint • 0 Click here for more images 9500: Waterman lever box assembly: original new old stock, 21.5 mm long, fits 16 mm long, 2.2 mm wide barrel slot, gold plated; as used on pens such as the 3, 2V, 92, 92V, etc. 1935 • CONDITION: mint • Click here for more images 11636: Waterman desk pencil: black celluloid, 18.6 cm long, chrome plated trim, barrel 10 mm in diameter, uses 1.1 mm lead, mechanism propels and retracts; new old stock, minimal shop wear. 1935 • CONDITION: near mint • 5 Click here for more images 12868: Waterman 3V: red pearl lever-filler, 10.8 cm long, chrome plated trim, "Tip-Fill" feed, nice precise nib writes an elegant line with restrained line width variation. 1936 • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: extra-fine semiflex • 5 Click here for more images 10023: Waterman Ink-Vue Deluxe: black lever-pump filler, 13.5 cm long, gold filled trim, Art Deco design with stepped ends, geometrically-patterned transparent barrel; strong imprints, excellent transparency, "GREEN" marked keyhole-vent nib, "Tip-Fill" feed, excellent condition but for name on barrel, scratches above imprint. 1936 • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: fine firm • 5 Click here for more images 12679: Waterman 7 Emerald Ray set in box: green and black pearl lever-filler, 13.8 cm long, gold filled trim, keyhole vent "Red" nib; Waterman's second-largest model of the era, very hard to find in any color other than black.Matching pencil uses 1.1 mm lead, high Art Deco styling complemented by the display box; more wear to the pen than the pencil, box is like new. 1936 • CONDITION: exc • NIB: fine stub semiflex • 5 Click here for more images 8923: Waterman Ink-Vue demonstrator: dealer's version in transparent celluloid, not sold to the public, 13 cm long, chrome plated trim, Tip-Fill feed; usual darkening to the barrel, a very clean example of a particularly uncommon, fully functional demonstrator. 0 ITEM #5318: ARIEL KULLOCK'S ARTIST'S RENDERING OF A WATERMAN'S SAFETY IN A HUGE SIZED DEMONSTRATOR CONFIGURATION. Very good condition with minimal number of chips in the finish. Black barrel and wrap-around steel Medium Flexible nib. This was an inexpensive version of the CF, but there are far fewer out there with this style nib/feed. An uncommon cap holding mechanism, very similar to Parker's 51 clutch and ring design used to hold the cap on. That's not the high point of this piece though; it has a flexible Fine 14 K nib. The imprint reads ' "SKYWITER" MANUFACTURED IN CANADA BY ALCO DIVISION L. This was a marketing gimmick used by more than one pen company that didn't do anything different in the design but wanted the public to believe they had made a pen that was safe to take on an airplane. I've been told the reason I haven't ever seen a pen in this color is that this color is so susceptible to the effects of ink and latex that the pens have all turned brown. With a gold filled clip and a working mechanism, it uses .046" (1.1 mm) leads. This is what you look for in a classic vintage pen. ITEM #4950: PORCELAIN "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen / Selection - Service" SIGN. 5 BACK OF SIGN SHOWN BELOW ITEM #5010: FABULOUS CF SET IN RED W/ GOLD FILLED CAPS AND EXTREMELY CLEAN BOX. NO CORROSION ON THE GOLD FILLLED OVERLAYS ON THE SECTION - THEY ARE PERFECTLY CLEAN. The strength of the chasing is medium and the color is about 90%. 0 ITEM #4997: WATERMAN CF, FLEXIBLE NIB, NICKEL PLATED TRIM, BRUSHED STAINLESS CAP, NEW OLD STOCK W/ CHALK MARK & STICKER. ITEM #5252: WATERMAN MEDALIST FOUNTAIN PEN WITH A CLUTCH. ITEM #4435: WATERMAN SKYWRITER FOUNTAIN PEN w/ FLEXIBLE M/BROAD NIB. Featuring chrome trim, this is a lever filler with a MEDIUM original "Sky Writer S28" non-14k nib and no flaws that I can see. A small pencil, but it's in one of the rarest of Waterman's colors. Patent date imprint on narrow spoon feed, unusual nib with very wide factory italic tip. 1904 • CONDITION: fine • NIB: broad italic • 00 Click here for more images 6130: Waterman 14: black hard rubber eyedropper-filler with fluted gold filled overlay and bloodstone cap top seal; 13.3 cm long, a rare but fully catalogued factory model most often found in France and England (a version appears on p. 1910 • CONDITION: VG • NIB: medium stub flex • 75 Click here for more images 11573: Waterman 432: rare short version, black hard rubber eyedropper-filler with sterling silver London-hallmarked barleycorn overlay, 11.1 cm long; no model number stamp on end, as is typical of British-market Watermans.53 of Waterman's 1908 USA catalog under "Special Mountings" as Emerald End Special Fluted, priced at -- more than three times the cost of a full sterling silver Snake); French hallmarks, no dings, but one small test mark on the seal bezel, imprints on posting end worn but mostly legible; toothy #4 New York nib, spoon feed with patent date imprints. 1908 • CONDITION: VG-fine • NIB: extra-fine flex • 50 Click here for more images 11921: Waterman 12: black hard rubber eyedropper-filler with London-hallmarked sterling silver overlay, bloodstone seal cap top, 13.3 cm long; Canadian #2 nib is a notable writer, some scratches and shallow marks to the silver. Feed with patent imprints, long internal tail, notable nib with massive tip. 1917 • CONDITION: fine • NIB: extra-broad stub flex • 0 Click here for more images 10712: Waterman 52: black hard rubber lever-filler, sterling silver overlay, 11.4 cm long, a three-quarter length French-market model with covered barrel end and no model number imprint, the engine turning pattern similar to the USA "Gothic", but different.

12519: Waterman Patrician pencil: smooth black hard rubber, 13.85 cm long, gold filled trim, no clip, eraser, or imprints, uses 1.1 mm lead; came to us as part of a group from an old-time Waterman employee. 1929 • CONDITION: near mint • 0 Click here for more images 12523: Waterman Lady Patricia: rare black hard rubber lever-filler with sterling silver "Bay Leaf" overlay, 11 cm long, scattered light marks, no deep dings; it has been 15 years since we had another example in stock. 1929 • CONDITION: VG-fine • NIB: extra-fine flex • 5 Click here for more images 10458: Waterman Patrician set: classic Art Deco oversize lever-filler in near-pristine Nacre (black and pearl), 13.75 cm long, chrome plated trim, with matching 1.1 mm pencil; virtually unused, pencil eraser is untouched, pen appears to have been test-filled only, came to us with the original sac in place (see detail) which has not been replaced in order to preserve barrel color (can be resacked at no extra charge upon request).Waterman sleeve-fillers are uncommon in any size, but are almost never seen in sizes larger than #5.10903: Waterman 402: slender black hard rubber straight cap eyedropper-filler, sterling silver overlay in fine barleycorn pattern, full London hallmarks with date letter for 1904/5; 14.35 cm long, Waterman globe logo on posting end nice and legible, "Eva" engraved in barrel cartouche.It has been suggested that these were made for Waterman president Frank D. We have a few, but this listing is for one token only. 1908 • CONDITION: VG • Click here for more images 11729: Waterman Remex Self-Filler No.101: rare early sleeve-filler, 14 cm long, all-aluminum construction with a hard rubber section assembly, sleeve rotates rather than slides to expose filler bar; originally made with the pressure bar tied to the sac, this specimen uses a more conventional attachment as found in other Waterman sleeve-fillers.

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