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In addition, perhaps people would rather get instant gratification without any physical effort from things such as likes on social media or binging on Netflix.A high-school junior, Russell has identified as a lesbian since age 11, but when she took a school-mandated sex education class at her Hiram, Georgia, high school, she couldn’t see herself in the curriculum.“We were informed on the types of protection for heterosexual couples, but never the protection options for gay/lesbian couples,” Russell said. Russell’s experiences aren’t unique to rural Georgia.One of the study's authors, Rozalyn Anderson aptly explains that the work is "...a research tool, not a lifestyle recommendation." Anderson explained in a press release that studying calorie restriction is important because "..has such a robust effect on aging and the incidence and timing of age related disease.Already, people are studying drugs that affect the mechanisms that are active in caloric restriction.

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Not with freedom, fast food, or the right to bear arms, but with sex and sexual propriety.

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