Dating game cia agent

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Dating game cia agent

S., Davis recounts his 'hell' of being jailed and 'tortured' in a Lahore prison for 49 days and how he was accused of being a spy and interrogated by agents from Pakistan's feared Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency.

Jailed: Davis believed he would be taken to the police station where they would call the Regional Security Officer and then be released - but later learned he would not be returning home. Burned in effigy: The hatred for Davis was obvious as the diplomatic incident became a full-blown crisis.

It could easily be the plot line of Homeland - and in fact helped inspire a key incident in the CIA spy drama.

But for Raymond Davis - who shot two men in self-defense on a busy Lahore street on January 25, 2011 - it was a dramatic episode in his life that he's not likely to forget.

He grew up with show business aspirations and climbed upward — one menial job after another. He was also a songwriter, penning “Palisades Park,” which was turned into an uptempo hit in 1962 by Freddie Cannon.

A CIA contractor, a double killing in a hail of bullets on a crowded Pakistani street and a diplomatic crisis that set US-Pakistan relations back years.

See full summary » Two converging story lines involving corrupt cops ripping off drug dealers and serial killers are followed as former drug dealer Lucky, trying to go straight after doing a prison stint, ...

If you enjoy good spy thrillers, then you're bound to enjoy many of the CIA movies on this list.See more » First of all let me point out that I really love action movies.I just recently spent time viewing several of Arnold's old movies, which are all classics!This was the reaction when he was freed and allowed to leave Pakistan in a carefully-crafted deal which took advantage of Islamic 'blood money' laws He recalls in detail the harrowing moment he feared being stoned to death.And in an exclusive interview with Daily Davis also discusses the emotional toll his incarceration took revealing that, at his lowest point, he believed his country had abandoned him, leaving him to rot in a Pakistani hell-hole jail for the rest of his days.

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Chuck Barris, creator of shows like “The Newlywed Game” and popular host of “The Gong Show,” has died. As the 2002 biographical film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” was set to debut, The Times’ Roy Rivenburg sat down with Barris to talk.

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