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Dark cavern chat room

The cave is furnished with all the amenities hotel managers believe guests will require 220 feet below the surface: a library of old books and magazines, including a National Geographic collection which dates back to 1917, and a collection of books dating back to the late 1800’s.

The hotel manager explains that the air in the cavern is as dry and clean as one can get, coming in via 65 miles of limestone crevices from the Grand Canyon to the caverns, with the limestone removing all moisture and impurities.

Once they jump at you, hit the B button without moving the analog stick to perform a vertical slash that will hit them in the air as well.

Hope this helped In order to get the third chest in the great caves, you will need to kill 71 (actually 70) to get the chest.

In first whenever you get level up just boost you're powers but not you're hearts...

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To explore the cave, the player types in one- or two-word commands to move their character through the cave, interact with objects in the cave, pick up items to put into their inventory, and other actions.

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Colossal Cave Adventure also contributed towards the role playing and roguelike genres.

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